Under the seaaa

Hi , I’m back :) photocred: adept photography. Follow me on IG @iheartlaurenlala

amyyycruz asked:
do you have an IG?

@iheartlaurenlala !!

Anonymous asked:
come back we miss your sadistic ass!


Anonymous asked:
I saw you at sharks cove the other day! I wanted to come up and ask for a picture with you but you were working so I didn't want to bother you XD

oh god lol, i was so hash -.- you should’ve said hi, I’m not mean or anything

Anonymous asked:
How did you become a model, gogo dancer? Any advice on how to get started?

pretty much just meet new people. if you’re a stuck up catty spoiled lazy little brat, you’ll never get far in life. help those who don’t or can’t do shit for you. always be a social butterfly, no one wants to party with a debbie downer, unless you’re a funny debbie downer. uhmm what else, just i guess branch out, if you wanna get somewhere take the initiative to do so, like even if you’re gorgeous no ones gonna know who you are or what you want to be unless you let them know. even if you get rejected, keep trying at other places, you’ll always have haters but fuck um they just hate you because they don’t understand you, and if you’re not that hard to figure out then its them that has a problem , you know? also make an effort to look good. work out eat healthy try to further your beauty in all aspects, hope i helped <3

Anonymous asked:
What is the ONE thing you really, really want to do before you die?

i want to understand the minds of psychopaths and serial killers. Like, try to understand what makes them tick. because everyone has their reasoning for what they do but people don’t know how to understand an insane persons logic. that and travel. 

Anonymous asked:
Where are the three weirdest places you've peed while being drunk?

to be honest, in a cemetery. scariest shit of my laeeef

Anonymous asked:
Who did your boobs & how much did they cost?

the boob fairy came by after i prayed to jesus to be hot . they cost me a song about dragons and daisies.

Anonymous asked:
Are you and your gf still together?

hell naw.

Anonymous asked:
Bc before, you used to admit that you're part Filipino and now you deny it. You totally look part Filipino too.. Idk why you feel like you have to lie now. Weird

woahh, ive never admitted i was part filipino dafuq are you talking about???? i have always told everyone that im japanese irish scottish and english, and part wizard. BUT NEVER flip. and if you did ask me before, why ask me again?

Anonymous asked:
you're part filipino right?

What gave you that idea :0 im japanese irish scottish and englush, oh and wizard. Duh


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